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12 Reasons to Choose Henselite Club Clothing
  1. High Quality Garments - We insist on using the best fabrics, inks, technology, and accessories to ensure your members uniforms are of the highest quality and they will be happy and comfortable playing in them.
  2. Value for Money - Henselite Club Clothing is designed to last and feel good to wear. With fifteen years of experience supplying Club Clothing, we strive to ensure that you get what you pay for and can happily wear your uniforms for years to come.
  3. Great Designs - We have our own artists right here in the building! That means we can create great looking garments that your members will be proud to wear. Choose from our extensive catalogue designs, or work with our team to create a unique look to promote your club and attract new members and sponsors.
  4. Complete Club Uniforms - Our complete range of garments can coordinate with your shirt design – jackets, vests, trousers, pants and shorts. We can do it all!
  5. Easy Care Fabrics - Our shirts are made from easy to wash, quick drying, 30+ UV rated, high quality, active sports fabric which wicks moisture away from the body keeping you comfortable and dry.
  6. Australian Made - We make them right here in Victoria and manage the production so you can be assured that they are of the highest quality. Buying Australian keeps Australians in jobs.
  7. Continuity of Supply - We’ve been in the bowls business for almost a century and supplying Club Clothing since the first coloured clothing was allowed. It’s our business and we are here for the long term, so you can rely on us.
  8. Order Only What You Need - Shirt, jacket and vest orders can be one-at-a-time! No Minimum order.
  9. Registration Assistance - We’ll make it simple to get your new garment designs registered with your State Association.
  10. Sizing Samples - We’ll send out a comprehensive sizing kit for members to try on, so that you know you have the right sizes for everyone.
  11. We Fit Every Club Member - We guarantee to fit everyone! We can make custom sized and shaped garments so everyone will look and feel good. Just call - no issue is too big or too small.
  12. Honest Delivery Estimates - After you place each order we let you know how long it will be before you will get it – And we work to that!