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Henselite offers a range of Lettering, Specific & Personal engravings for your bowl.


Henselite is now able to offer an exclusive facility to provide lettering on your bowl. This can include name, club, title and other information of your choice. This is provided in the area between the outer rings and the middle rings on the small engraving side of the bowl.

The facility allows for a number of type faces, sizes of lettering and information layout options.
A surcharge applies.

Personal Engravings

Personal engravings can be ordered (within certain limitations) through your bowls specialist or local Henselite agent. A drawing or sample of your requirement will be needed for our designer to replicate the image required. Personal engravings are currently available on selected models only.
A surcharge applies.

Initials & Specific Engravings

Up to 4 initials can be selected (in block letters or script and in capitals or lower case) OR a selection can be made from our existing range of over 2000 individual designs covering many different categories including birds, dogs, cats, cattle, horses, sheep and other animals, ships and nautical designs, fish, flowers, motor cars, sports, shields, stars, geometrical designs etc. Specific engravings are currently available on selected models only.

We advise care in ordering initials in case a bowler may wish to later dispose of the bowls.
A surcharge applies.

We have thousands and thousands of designs so we can only show a few examples here:

Engravings range

Engravings Range