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Fusion is the process of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. The Fusion bowl from Henselite does just that. It brings stability and predictability together with a narrower line and a flat finish to the head.

Successful bowlers require bowls that perform consistently. A bowl they can have confidence in, shot after shot.

Since the introduction of narrow-bias bowls to the game, bowlers have been confronted with the issue of unpredictability, with narrower bowls affected by variations in green surfaces and playing conditions. In creating Fusion we, at Henselite, have drawn upon our 80 years of bowl design and engineering experience. We’ve overlaid this with the expertise of elite and club bowlers, industry experts and top coaches to develop Fusion, a bowl with the predictability of a wider bias bowl, but with a flat finishing line.

For a larger view of the Dreamline XG and Fusion bias chart, click the Bowls Bias Trajectory image to the left.

The Fusion bowl is the perfect solution. You’ll find that Fusion:

  • Follows a trajectory and finish into the head that is ideally suited to ‘free running’ greens.

  • Uses the bowl’s own mass to give it the stability & predictability of a wider bias bowl, yet meets the demands of today’s bowlers and a variety of playing surfaces where a flat finishing line is imperative.

  • Provides ultimate hand comfort, resulting in bowl control and consistent delivery suits bowlers playing in all positions - lead, second, third or skip.

  • Holds a consistent line on weighted shots, a key to successful shot conversions.

  • It is a stable bowl with a flat finish, one that will stay with the jack on weighted shots.

  • Has a functional grip with a greater gripping surface area for a range of hand positions. This versatile grip will suit your hand no matter how you choose to hold the bowl.


The Fusion has a consistent arc to the head, with no evidence of that late curl at the end of its run.

Fusion is the latest addition to the Henselite bowls range and complements the popular Dreamline XG. The Dreamline XG is an all round bowl while the Fusion provides an option for bowlers playing on faster,
free running greens.

Fusion is available in a great range of colours and sizes to suit every bowler.

Click the graphic below for a full colour image of the bowl


FUSION - Core Colour Range


Limited Editions - only available while stocks last!


Only available while stocks last!

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Disclaimer for;

Each set of bowls in our unique Slice Collection is individually manufactured, as a result there will be a variation on the join lines between each colour.

This is not a defect but part of the distinctive character of the range and will not be covered by warranty.