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The game of 4 inch Indoor Biased Bowls was developed in 1956 by the Henselite Company.

Since 1956, the Game has progressed to encompass all States of Australia with some 120,000 registered indoor bowlers. Henselite is proud to sponsor the game of 4 Inch Indoor Bowls in all states. This sponsorship culminates with the AIBBA National Championships each year and the Australia vs NZ International Test Series which is held biannually. Many more thousands of retirees around Australia enjoy the game of 4 Inch Indoor Bowls.

This challenging game of skill is catching on around the world. It can be played by people of all ages. It is played on a specially-made and marked 30 ft by 6 ft (9.1m x 1.8m) felt carpet on any smooth, hard and level floor. Carpets are available from your local Henselite Agent.

Henselite has two popular options for indoor play:

3 7/8" Indoor Bias Bowls in NZ

Home Carpet Biased Bowls