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Junior Bowls

Henselite provides a range of bowls for younger players - the Dreamline XG is available in variety of speckle colour combinations, gripped in sizes 0, 1 and 2.

Also size 00 Dreamline is available in black, gripped, heavy weight.

Interestingly, most junior bowlers programs in recent years were instigated with Henselite's support. Today Henselite supports a number of youth development programs. events and tournaments as well as our young up and coming champions.


Gen Y takes on the Jack

All that is old is now new, at least to Gen Y who are taking to the greens to take on the jack!
Barefoot in the park is rapidly becoming barefoot on the green….lawn bowls is shedding its crusty, conservative, starchy image, especially among the young.

Once condescendingly thought of as ‘geriatric marbles’ or the game you play as a prelude to entering God’s waiting room - bowls is now ‘cool’ given the growing number of schools now embracing bowls as part of their summer PE curriculum.

Bowls is catching on among the young not just in schools, but at many local and community bowling clubs dotted across Australia. Over 80,000 Victorians of all ages play every week while some 296,000 play Australia-wide.

Why? The reasons are many and varied. Lawn Bowls, be it social or at an elite level, is of wide appeal to all ages, most anyone can participate actively in the sport. It’s becoming increasing accessible and inclusive with the more informal and relaxed ambience in club-land.

Aside from its enormous appeal as a cool, healthy, relaxed, fun, social game where the young can casually mix with the oldies, lawn bowls also appeals to the young’s competitive streak. Indeed, younger men and women now dominate professional bowls.

For many younger bowlers it’s a very precise, exact, beguiling game. A game that’s not as slowed-paced as it first appears to the uninitiated, whose exterior calmness cum ‘gentility’ often masks a myriad of internal complexities beyond merely rolling a lop-sided ball down the green toward the jack. Younger bowlers get a buzz out of the challenge ‘showing the oldies’ a thing or two and conversely long-time participants enjoy teaching ‘the kids the intricacies of reading the green, allowing for the wind and understanding how the bowl’s bias works.

Lawn bowls development squads have been set up in all states of Australia to develop elite players to compete for their state and for Australia. Indeed bowls now has a growing clutch of young, celebrity or pin-up players.
It’s cool, colourful and sexy!


Note: Henselite for many years has manufactured a small bowl for use in the home that are branded Junior Bowls. These are marketed as Home Carpet Biased Bowls.