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Team Henselite Jeremy Henry Jeremy Henry
"I've chosen Henselite The overall reliability, predictable and consistency on all surfaces and conditions"
State: NSW
Country of Birth: Northern Ireland
Club: Warilla
Bowl Used: Tiger 2 for slow greens and Dreamline xg for the faster surface
Why do you use this bowl? Consistency and Reliability
How and when did you start bowling? 1988 with my school friend Ian McClure
Career Highlights Carrying Northern Ireland Flag at 2002 Commonwealth Games and winning World Singles 2000 and World indoor pairs 2004 with my best friend Ian McClure
Achievements World Cup 2012,2013
Australian Indoor Singles 2011, World Singles 2000, World Pairs 1996, World indoor Pairs 2004, Commonwealth Games Singles Silver 2002, Bronze 1998, 5 British Titles and 23 National Titles
Career Goals To win a third World Cup representing Australia
Who do you most admire? Alex Marshall and Leif Selby
Which other bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against? Aron Sheriff, Mark Casey and Ian McClure
What would you do if you weren't bowling? Golfing
Jeremy Henry